HR2 High Residence Monitoring & Tracking System

The HR2 receivers and tracking system are Vemco’s newest development allowing users to track more fish than ever before at a sub-meter positional accuracy.

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Increased Tracking Quantities and Positional Accuracy

The feature rich HR2 (High Residence Version 2) Receiver is an excellent choice for tracking many fish with higher accuracy than ever before using our smallest fish tags (V4, V5 and V9). The HR2 and HR telemetry system was designed specifically to allow researchers to monitor or position many tagged animals with sub-meter accuracy.

Compatability and Coding

The HR2 is capable of decoding two different methods of transmitting IDs to satisfy different study design objectives. To remain backward compatible with VR2W receivers, the HR2 can detect tags transmitting our traditional PPM (pulse position modulation) and the new HR transmissions at the same time. This means that you can use the HR2 with your existing VR2W-180 receivers in collaboration with other researchers in a large scale monitoring network or you can use HR2 receivers to set up a small scale positioning experiment.


• High residence studies of hundreds of tagged animals
• Frequent and precise positioning of fish (i.e. sub-meter every second depending on tag transmission rate)
• Monitor migration survival
• Monitor predator and prey behavior
• Multi-frequency: detects two transmission systems simultaneously (PPM & HR) to support high residence and long term monitoring studies
• Flexible: detects VEMCO’s family of high frequency tags (weighing 0.42g to 2.0g) making it ideal for juvenile to large fish (20g+ weight)
• Real-time data access and precise positioning (standalone or cabled)

HR2s are currently being used to monitor and position migrating salmon in rivers, eels migrating to sea and non-native predator impacts on native fish.

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