Fish Tags 69 kHz

Acoustic transmitters for fish tracking

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Innovasea (formerly Vemco) acoustic transmitters come in a range of frequencies and sizes and are the world leading technology for acoustic telemetry fish tracking.

Key Features

  • Internationally identifiable unique tag IDs
  • Suitable for everything from small smolts to large sharks
  • Can carry environmental sensors
  • Can record predation events

Innovasea (formerly Vemco) are the world leaders in acoustic telemetry technology for the geographical tracking of animals underwater.

Innovasea fish tags emit coded transmissions which are uniquely identifiable by Innovasea receivers. They come in a variety of sizes, frequencies, power outputs, battery life and sensor options.

In a world first, Innovasea have developed tags that can positively identify when a fish carrying a tag has been consumed by another animal. This means we can now not only track the geographical movement of individuals and populations, but also when and where individuals are being killed and eaten by predators.

We recommend updating your receivers to GEN2 as soon as possible to ensure full compatibility with A69-1303 / R64K and all Innovasea tags in the water now and in the future. Please find the Gen2 datasheet here

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