Continuous Transmitters

A range of Pingers and Data Telemetry Transmitters used for tracking and monitoring fish and aquatic animals in residency and migrations studies.

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Continuous transmitters are useful for experiments where the scientist needs to track individual animals from a boat using Vemco’s tracking receivers (VR100). Continuous transmitters ping continuously from the first ping until power is lost unless deactivated by the user. These transmitters are identified by the operating frequency, and the period if they do not transmit data. Continuous transmitters come in a variety of sizes, and power outputs and several frequencies.

The frequencies available are restricted so as to not interfere with longer term studies using coded transmitters at 69 kHz. Continuous pingers are normally used with high repetition rates and short life spans. Additional frequencies can be made available for closed systems. The table below shows comparisons of the various options available for continuous pingers.