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Waves, Currents & Weather

Our oceanographic and wave monitoring technologies are used globally in all oceans.  The world’s largest survey, subsea engineering and research organisations rely on our buoys, sensors and robotic systems to better understand global issues including climate change, coastal erosion and extreme weather.

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Oceanographic & submersible instruments

Our sensors and underwater measurement systems are used to characterise physical oceanographic variables, biogeochemical parameters and environmental conditions such as dissolved oxygen and algal blooms, to map the seabed and shipping channels with high-end sonars, and much more.

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acoustic telemetry & noise monitoring

We offer a wide range of innovative and reliable underwater acoustic telemetry equipment for fish tagging and other asset tracking.  Our underwater noise recorders are versatile and extremely high performance. They are used for marine mammal detection, ecosystem characterisation and defence applications.

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Aquaculture Intelligence

Managing environmental changes around aquaculture production is crucial. Our monitoring solutions and ROV systems are built to withstand the tough conditions of open-ocean farming while maintaining real-time data transmission.  We have revolutionised aquaculture using Innovasea’s Aquaculture Intelligence systems, now installed with the largest producers in the UK and Ireland.

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Autonomy & robotic systems

In a constantly changing ocean environment with a growing need for monitoring and exploration, autonomous and remotely operated vehicles are invaluable. Our wide range of ocean robots and unmanned systems enable risk reduction, cost-efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and can be the key to unlocking your project’s full potential.

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Satellite Telemetry & Asset Tracking

Remotely tracking and recovering high value underwater assets, moored underwater sensors and other equipment is enabled by Iridium satellite telemetry and data services, which we provide to many of our customers.  Our asset trackers operate with satellite, HF or optical recovery systems, and are used across our industry.

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Cameras & Surveillance

Our industry-leading underwater camera and maritime surveillance systems offer cutting-edge technology and exceptional value. From modular integrations into robotics systems and seabed observatories to thermal imaging surveillance cameras, we have you covered.

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Subsea power & engineering

The most powerful ocean sensors and measurement systems are nothing without reliable and flexible underwater batteries, underwater housings, telemetry and asset recovery solutions.  We bring innovation, reliability and the highest industry specifications to these enabling technologies.

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