SEABER is an innovative company that designs and manufactures highly reliable micro-AUVs, for research and commercial oceanographic applications.

After years of experience and with a shared obsession for robotics and marine technologies, they decided to use their expertise and knowledge to develop the YUCO, the first micro-AUV that meets the specific needs of oceanographic researchers.


Reflecting SEABER’s co-founders, YUCO gathers boldness, innovation, reliability and efficiency. The YUCO is a uniquely reliable tool combining exceptional performances and low maintenance, operable in different types of coastal waters.

Key Features:

  • Reliable and Efficient
  • Unique navigational technology
  • Operable in offshore conditions
  • Multiple payloads
  • Easy to use & Recharge

Mission Planning

The YUCO micro-AUV range utilises a modern and intuitive software, called SeaPlan, for mission management and data recovery. SeaPlan offers the following features:

  • Multiple navigational segments and patterns
  • Unique navigational modes based on payload
  • WiFi accessible through various platforms

In addition, SeaPlan can be used to program missions while the AUV is being recharged between deployments.

SeaPlan Preview

Multiple Payloads

All YUCO micro-AUVs have a no-need-to-open dry section making them easy to operate and saving time prior to deployment.

SEABER offers three off-the-shelf fixed payload options – YUCO-CTD, YUCO-PAM (integrating PORPOISE Passive Acoustic Recorder), and YUCO-Scan. All three come pre-calibrated and can be shipped in a short period of time.

In addition, for specific wet payload integrations, SEABER offers the YUCO-Open. Integrations are made easy by fitting a single element on the front end of the AUV.


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SEABER is the result of the gathering of 4 unconventional characters. Vidal and Quentin have more than 15 successful years in designing AUVs for scientific and industrial offshore applications. Julien and Clément work with passion in the field of mobile robotics for more than 12 years and they bring to SEABER their technical and industrial expertise, along with fresh eyes and an innovative approach. The four of them have always shared an authentic obsession for creativity, robotics and marine technologies.

Their complementary skills and enthusiasm are the key to achieve their mission: to revolutionize the world of AUVs by designing the first micro-AUVs that will reshape our approach of oceanographic exploration.

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