YUCO Models


Payload: AML-3 sonde capable of supporting three sensors (sound velocity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH, chlorophyll a, crude oil, etc.)

Typical application: Water quality monitoring

Case study: This model was used in the Tracer Release Experiment (TReX) in Canada, using a fluorometer, CTD, and SVP configuration. The TReX project aims to develop marine dispersion and forecasting capabilities, improving response to maritime incidents in coastal areas such as oil spills.



Payload: RBR Legato3 CTD

Typical application: Coastal dynamics

Case study: This model was used as part of the Joint European Research Infrastructure of Coastal Observatories (JERICO) project that aims to support excellence in marine coastal research. Data were acquired at a high sample rate of 2 Hz using a variety of sampling patterns that showcased the great reliability and customization of Seaber’s INX© navigation system and mission planning software SEAPLAN.



Payload: DeepVision 680 kHz side scan sonar

Typical applications: Hydrography / bathymetry, marine habitat observation

Case study: The ease of use of the YUCO-SCAN was demonstrated at the REP(MUS) 2022 event in Lisbon, where multiple deployments were undertaken by individuals who had only received a brief training session. It was possible to plan and adjust missions on the beach just five minutes before deployment and collect high quality side scan sonar data that was comparable with local Navionics charts.



Payload: RS Aqua Porpoise passive acoustic recorder (sampling rates up to 384 kHz)

Typical application: Marine mammal monitoring

Case study: During a recent mission of more than 25 nautical miles, the YUCO-PAM was able to record dolphins while navigating. It can also stop to take recordings at predetermined locations where its embedded pressor sensor and DVL enable it to maintain a fixed depth or altitude. The YUCO can also undertake completely uninterrupted recordings by turning off its engines and slowly resurfacing under its own buoyancy.


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