Aquatic Animal Monitoring

Scientists, charities and environmental professionals use our innovative acoustic tracking technologies throughout the UK and globally to enable ground-breaking fisheries science and conservation.  Our acoustic telemetry systems are used in the largest fish tracking studies and in the smallest rivers, for many different species.  We are technical consultants on different projects including fish tagging Atlantic Salmon, underwater robot tracking and more.

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Aquaculture Intelligence

Open water fish farmers rely on our expertise and innovative, proven technologies for fish farm monitoring systems, reducing environmental impact and to ensure fish remain healthy.  Our technologies include wireless real-time monitoring systems, ROV and autonomous technologies, underwater camera systems and more.

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Marine Science

Research institutes, laboratories, government departments & agencies have relied on our expertise across meteorology and oceanography (metocean), hydrography, biogeochemisty and marine science for decades.  Our technology is used today to better understand global issues including climate change, ocean circulation, ocean acidification, sea-level rise, coastal erosion, extreme weather, carbon sequestration, underwater noise, and marine ecosystem characteristics.

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Autonomy & Robotics

Our team has expertise across robotic and autonomous systems for many different scientific, industrial and navy applications.  We offer proven, powerful and reliable technology including remotely operated vehicles (underwater ROV), unmanned surface vehicles (USV and ASV), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV and UUV), buoyancy gliders, profilers, integrated sensor systems and more.

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Defence & Surveillance

Our innovative technology products are used by the Royal Navy, the US Navy, defence research agencies and defence prime contractors to enable situation awareness and geo intelligence data gathering confidently and safely in the underwater domain.  Our systems cover underwater noise, camera and surveillance systems, hydrography / geospatial data gathering and robotic platforms, which are used for research, MCM, ASW, ISR and more.

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Offshore energy

We help the world’s most ambitious and successful offshore engineers operate safely, sustainably and efficiently.  Our oceanographic and wave monitoring technologies are used globally in all oceans.  Our sensors are used in carbon capture and storage (CCS), leak monitoring, oil spill detection, oil spill tracking and more.

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Survey & Inspection

The world’s largest oceanographic survey and subsea engineering companies rely on our metocean buoys, sensors and robotic systems for global projects, safe in the knowledge that our team are on hand for expert technical support.  Applications include metocean survey, seabed scour, asset tracking, robotics systems and more.

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Maritime & Ports

The world’s largest ships and most innovative ports utilise our technology systems for navigational and operational safety monitoring. Applications include wave and sea level monitoring, ship’s draft, positioning and berthing, surveillance and camera systems, underwater noise and asset security.

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Freshwater science

Research institutes, laboratories and government agencies use our innovative sensors and systems for applications including water quality & bathing water monitoring, harmful algal bloom (HAB) monitoring, civil engineering, dye tracing, ecosystem and freshwater biology studies, and much more.

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