Oil & Gas supermajors, leading renewable energy companies and offshore energy developers and test centres all use RS Aqua technologies to understand met/ocean conditions in and around prospecting and production sites, to de-risk operating activities, and to maximise site efficiency and uptime.


Wave measurement technologies such as WaveRadar REX2 and waverider buoys are widely used, as are robotic and autonomous platforms, search and rescue technology, subsea power solutions, plus sensor and tracking solutions to aid oil spill response.

Technologies for Offshore Energy


Our oceanographic and wave monitoring technologies are used globally in all oceans.  The world’s largest survey, subsea engineering, and research organisations rely on our buoys and sensor systems to better understand global issues and monitor crucial parameters.

The RS Aqua WaveRadar REX² system is the latest addition to our sea surface measurement technologies, providing precise (3-6 mm) wave and tidal sea state parameters.

The Datawell drifter buoys we supply are the standard for measuring wave height and direction in open-sea environments. Data is available in real-time and is communicated via an HF radio system and/or logged internally. Iridium satellite and GSM options extend the range of communications.

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We offer a wide range of innovative and reliable underwater acoustic telemetry equipment for fish tagging and other asset tracking.  Our underwater noise recorders are versatile and have extremely high performance. They are used for marine mammal detection, ecosystem characterisation, and defense applications.

ORCA is our flagship acoustic recorder, accommodating up to 5 hydrophone channel inputs. It is suitable for real-time marine mammal and noise pollution monitoring, as well as noise source localisation.

Portable and powerful, the PORPOISE is our single-channel acoustic recorder, perfect for ambient noise monitoring and characterisation, as well as construction monitoring

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In a constantly changing ocean environment with a growing need for monitoring and exploration, autonomous and remotely operated vehicles are invaluable. Our wide range of ocean robots and unmanned systems enable risk reduction, cost-efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

We pride ourselves on working with proven robotics partners & technologies for offshore monitoring such as ROVs,  AUVs, USVs, Gliders and more.

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