Datawell was spun out from a research institution in 1961, explicitly to focus on the development of reliable and high-quality wave buoys to enable critical monitoring of flood events and oceanographic conditions in the North Sea.  Over the past 60 years, Datawell have grown to be ubiquitously recognised directional wave buoy system, used in every ocean globally.



Datawell buoys and Datawell wave measuring instruments for integration into other platforms, can be sensor or GPS based, and are suitable for any sea conditions.  Apart from wave height, wave direction and sea surface temperature, Datawell buoys can also measure, air temperature, surface current speed and direction, with other measurements in development.  RS Aqua service, calibrate and maintain Datawell wave buoys from our Portsmouth HQ.  Key benefits of Datawell include:

  • Extremely robust and long life wave buoys, proven in every ocean.
  • Confidence that your wave and sea state data quality is unparalleled; all others benchmark to Datawell.
  • Datawell Service and Calibration Facility at RS Aqua, Portsmouth, UK

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