Emerson’s tireless pursuit of innovation drives the Rosemount portfolio of superior quality measurement and analytical technologies, including the sensor at the heart of Wave Radar REX2.  Rosemount products fall within the Emerson Automation Solutions business, which enables the greatest use of the world’s most valuable resources, ensuring the performance and safety of industries that are the backbone of daily life,



RS Aqua have collaborated with Emerson’s Rosemount™ division since the 1990s, to exclusively bring to the ocean technology markets the WaveRadar REX and now WaveRadar REX2 products. With around 1,000 installations, WaveRadar REX2 can be found on offshore platforms, ships, wind turbines and coastal installations around the world.

  • High-performance wave radar, extremely low power
  • Worldwide hazardous zone certification
  • Available globally

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