From the smallest rivers to open-ocean research, our acoustic telemetry sensors and systems can be used to track the movement of various species of aquatic mammals, fish, seaweed and more. Our monitoring solutions are used in some of the largest fish tracking projects and our expert technical team is readily available to provide training and project support.

Underwater Noise Monitoring

One of the major unknowns in modern marine science is the impact of noise on aquatic life.  Over the last few decades, humans have increased their contribution to ocean noise, with anthropogenic noise becoming the dominant component of marine noise in some areas. Many marine organisms rely on sound to survive, and human additions to ocean sound overlap the full range of animal uses for sound in the ocean.

To allow researchers and project leaders to understand the impacts of underwater noise and record marine mammal noise, we partner with Turbulent Research. Combining extremely high sampling rates and real-time recording capabilities, our two acoustic recorder ranges Orca and Porpoise are the ideal instrument for in-depth noise research. Main applications include real-time marine mammal, noise pollution monitoring, and noise source localisation.

Porpoise Orca

Autonomous Noise Recording

Noise monitoring can prove complicated when remote locations or marine protected areas are accessed. In addition, research and survey vessels can be costly and have an impact on species such as marine mammals who rely on noise for logistics and communication.

In such cases, we recommend utilising autonomous vehicles with integrated noise recorders. Our partnership with SEABER offers just that, a non-invasive and cost-effective solution for acoustic monitoring – YUCO PAM micro-AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle).

The AUV offers continuous noise recording while it navigates customisable mission patterns for up to 10h.  In addition, the PAM AUV can perform “silent” recordings at determined points along its missions, allowing for undisturbed noise recording.


Fish & Animal Tracking

Whether you are looking to research small species like salmon or larger species like mantas and sharks, acoustic telemetry is a must-have. Utilising acoustic tags and receivers can provide pivotal information about the behaviour and migratory paths of the tagged species.

With decades of experience in the area, our partner Innovasea‘s tracking technologies offer a complete solution for any aquatic animal behaviour research. Proof of their reliability are the many multi-year tracking studies around the British coast that use the telemetry systems.

While tracking can explain where your animals are going, coupling telemetry with environmental sensors can help you figure out why. Should your project need a deeper look into water quality, aquaMeasure environmental sensors monitor everything from water temperature to dissolved oxygen, salinity, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, turbidity and colored dissolved organic matter.

Fish Tracking Receivers Fish tags Tracking + Water Quality

Instrument Retrieval

Tracking fish and animal behaviour involves deploying valuable instruments on the ocean floor sometimes for months on end. Additionally, these studies are often conducted in marine protected areas.

Acoustic release devices such as our ARC system are especially useful in such locations as well as those where diving is difficult. With a touch of a button, these devices propel to the surface with any instrument deployed and make instrument retrieval easy.

Designed for proprietary use with Innovasea AR Receivers , the ARC systems have been meticulously tested and proven through hundreds of deployments around the British coast and globally. In addition, the ARC can be used not only with tracking receivers but also with acoustic recorders, underwater cameras, CTDs, and more.

ARC Solution

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