With the increase in demand for sustainable aquaculture products so does the need to effectively monitor environmental parameters and mitigate any potential harm to fish. Over the past two years we have been working with some of the biggest producers in the UK and Ireland and supplying them with Innovasea’s proven real-time environmental monitoring systems. We now offer an even more comprehensive list of solutions including ROV and autonomous technologies, underwater camera systems, and more available to rent or buy.


Environmental Monitoring

Our monitoring solutions are built to withstand the tough conditions of marine farms while maintaining real-time data transmission, without the need for sensor cables. The Innovasea Wireless Aquaculture Intelligence systems provide instant visibility inside the pen environment and are a trusted tool, now installed with the largest producers in the UK and Ireland.

For even greater clarity on the ever-changing ocean environment, our Datawell wave measurement buoys provide precise data you can trust.

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Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) can significantly enhance report capability. Our SEAMOR ROVs can assist by carrying out in-depth video surveys and manual tasks on site, while our SEABER AUVs can be used to inspect wider areas quickly and without the need for surface vessels. With a wide range of sensor integrations available from RS Aqua, any existing solutions can be optimised for better-informed decision-making.

SEAMOR ROVs ‏‏‎ ‎Seaber AUVs

Integrations and Additional Sensors

Our robotic solutions are all modular and can carry a variety of payload options. Depending on the use case, RS Aqua’s expert team can suggest the best option for your project.

Whether it is pH level monitoring, load monitoring, fluorescence, underwater noise, or upgrading your existing solutions with 4K resolution camera visibility, RS Aqua and our best-in-class partners are here to help.

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