Environmental conditions such as wind, waves, and currents are deep-rooted challenges in aquaculture. These factors can create dynamic loads, causing fluctuations in the strain on equipment and potentially leading to hazardous situations that threaten fish welfare and affect farm productivity. 

Introducing the smartlink®EE load sensors

RS Aqua is excited to announce the launch of the smartlink®EE for aquaculture in conjunction with Cyclops Marine. The smartlink®EE range of load sensors is engineered to meet the unique demands of aquaculture environments. These innovative sensors are designed to provide accurate load monitoring, enhancing both safety and efficiency in aquaculture operations. 

Ideal Applications for the smartlink®EE Range 

Originally engineered and distributed by Cyclops Marine for use in the boating and fitness industries, the smartlink®EE range is ideal for continuous crane operations, standing moorings, and other lifting tasks in aquaculture. During heavy lifting operations in open waters, these load sensors can monitor the impact of wave-induced loads, ensuring that cranes and other lifting equipment operate within safe limits. Similarly, in mooring applications, they provide insights into the additional stresses caused by currents and wind, helping to maintain the integrity of mooring systems. 

Robust and Lightweight Design load sensors

The sleek design of the smartlink®EE load sensors features a titanium body with pin-to-pin fixtures, making them lightweight yet strong enough to withstand loads of up to 20 tonnes. This robust construction ensures durability while being easy to incorporate into existing aquaculture practices.  

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Each smartlink®EE sensor is equipped with a real-time monitoring software, smartfittings. This user-friendly interface is easy to interpret, alerting users to potential risks and supporting the overall health of aquaculture ecosystems by preventing accidents that could impact personnel and farm productivity. 

“Our new smartlink®EE range is a game-changer for the aquaculture industry. These sensors meet the specific needs of aquaculture loading operations by being durable, reliable and easy to use. With the ability to monitor dynamic loads and environmental conditions, our sensors provide a level of safety and operational insight that was previously unattainable.”

– Ryan MowatDirector of Innovation at RS Aqua

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