GB Row, the worlds toughest rowing challenge kicked off on Sunday 9th June and we’re proud to be an official scientific partner of this incredible 2,000-mile rowing race around the UK coastline for the third year in a row.

Row row row your boat

Crowds gathered to cheer two teams of rowers as they set off from Tower Bridge, London, on an unassisted, non-stop race around the UK. They face unpredictable weather, strong tides, and challenging conditions while navigating some of the most stunning and difficult coastal waters.

boats departing tower bridge london with people on the bridge cheering them on

people cheering on gb row boats at tower bridge london

The boats are fully equipped to collect crucial ocean data on temperature, microplastics, biodiversity and noise pollution as they make their way around the UK.

Rowing with a purpose

To accurately record underwater noises, we integrated a highly sensitive GTI hydrophone onto the rudder of each boat which connects to a Porpoise OB1 mounted inside the boat. Working in unison, this technology will collect valuable acoustic data to help us understand marine species’ distribution and behaviour along the UK coastline. We also equipped the boats with temperature sensors that will record widely available truth set data which is otherwise not captured, allowing us to visualise temperature trends and the effect of the climate on our coastal waters year on year.

m\n configuring a GTI hydrophone into a rowing boat

Once completed, researchers from the University of Portsmouth will use the data collected to generate a comprehensive report on the state of our coastal waters to push the needle further in marine research and conservation efforts.

Stay tuned for updates on the discoveries made possible by these incredible rowers. To read the latest GB Row report and unpack the data from last year’s challenge, click here

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