Cyclops 7F

The Cyclops 7F is a high performance, compact submersible sensor designed to be integrated into any platform that can provide power and logging capabilities.

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The Cyclops 7F is a single parameter submersible fluorescence sensor, available in multiple optical configurations. It has a universal I/O for connection to parent systems, e.g., the Turner Designs DataBank handheld display unit, the C6 multi-parameter platform, or third-party systems (CTD’s or dataloggers).

Key Features

  • Very small size and low power consumption
  • Easily integrated into any third-party platform
  • Wide range of optics and custom optics available

The Cyclops 7F is a high-performance sensor, available with either a plastic, stainless steel, or titanium housing. It is suitable for a range of applications such as coastal monitoring, wastewater monitoring and water quality studies.

A range of accessories to compliment the sensor are available such as the solid secondary standard, flowthrough cap and shade cap.

The flowthrough cap combined with a Cyclops-7 creates a very simple on-line monitoring system capable of withstanding up to 50psi.

The shade cap offers protection from direct sunlight during shallow water deployments and protects the sensor face from damage your data is not adversely influenced.