DWR MKIII Waverider Buoy

The Datawell MkIII Directional Waverider can provide more than three years of continuous wave monitoring thanks to its high capacity internal batteries. A combination of 3 accelerometers, pitch/roll sensors and a fluxgate compass are used to provide robust and highly reliable spectral wave data.

Standard Feature Highlights

• Real time measurement
• HF link up to 50 km over sea
• GPS receiver
• Sunset-detect flashlight
• Integrated datalogger
• Water temperature sensor
• Built-in energy meter
• Meets IALA specification
• Alkaline batteries – non dangerous goods

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DWR4 Waverider Buoy

In addition to the standard features of DWR MKIII, DWR4 includes:

• Doubled sample frequency of 2.56Hz
• Freq. limit of heave/direction signal up from 0.58 to 1.0Hz
• Electronic ID, transmitted along the measured data
• Hippy-40 sensor/hatch cover temperatures measured
• Energy supplied by batteries/optional solar panel
• Acoustic current meter
• Integrated CAT4 HF/LED
• Integrated air temp. antenna

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DWR-G Waverider Buoy

DWR-G provides the same quality and accuracy of wave data as other Waveriders without the use of accelerometers. Compact, GPS-based sensors are employed in the standard 70 and 90cm hull sizes, however, an even more compact 40cm buoy is also available. The sensor itself can be integrated into third party navigation buoys or databuoys.

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Additional hardware

DWR RX-C Receiver

The RX-C is a dedicated HF link receiver that supports all Datawell Waverider buoys fitted with the standard HF transmitter. The RX-C supports both the “HXV” format and the “HVA” transmission formats. The HXV format is used by all buoys, except the DWR4/ACM (with Acoustic Current Meter option) which uses the HVA format.

DWR Mooring System

Dedicated mooring packages are available depending on buoy type and local conditions. Important engineering parameters are: depth, current profile, tidal range and maximum expected wave height.

RX-C Receiver Mooring System

Waveview Connect

WaveView Connect software is an optional processing and display programme, for static or moving vessel installations. WaveView Connect provides robust real-time processing of raw wave data from one or more sensors, producing a full set of wave and tidal sea state parameters.

Processed data can be displayed locally, on the web, or output to third party applications, as well as RS Aqua’s robust remote back-up power, data processing and telemetry system, CODE. The optional motion compensation extension enables high quality wave data from a moving vessel.

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Based in Haarlem, Netherlands, Datawell was spun out from a research institution in 1961, explicitly to focus on the development of reliable and high-quality wave buoys to enable critical monitoring of flood events and oceanographic conditions in the North Sea. Over the past 60 years, Datawell have grown to be ubiquitously recognised directional wave buoy system, used in every ocean globally.

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