DWR Waverider Receiver RX-C

Advanced HF link receiver with synthesizer tuner, network connectivity and HVA support.

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The RX-C is a dedicated HF link receiver that supports all Datawell Waverider buoys fitted with the standard HF transmitter. The RX-C supports both the “HXV” format and the “HVA” transmission formats. The HXV format is used by all buoys, except the DWR4(/ACM) buoy which uses the HVA format.

  • Serial port and an Ethernet network port, for direct connection to a corporate LAN or an internet router
  • Built-in embedded web server enables remote monitoring and configuration
  • Compact: 230 x 100 x 200 mm (W x H x D)
  • Backlit LCD display shows signal quality
  • Increased dynamic range and more forgiving to noise and interference
  • 25.5 – 35.5 MHz, electronically tuneable reception frequency (PLL + DDS)
  • Memory for 6 different buoy frequencies
  • Radio range up to 50 km
  • RS232 interface for connection with a PC
  • Low power makes battery supply practical (optional)