RS Aqua have supplied ASV Global with two underwater profiling systems for use on their fleet of unmanned and autonomous surface vehicles. Each profiling system consists of a fast-response RBRconcerto CTD with fully integrated Turner Designs turbidity sensor, MacArtney EMO data multiplexer, acoustic modem, custom made fibre-copper hybrid cable assembly and custom made stainless steel instrument frame.

The RBRconcerto logger, featuring RBR’s new streamlined CT cell, is housed in a stainless steel instrument frame and lowered from the autonomous surface vehicle via a winch to collect multiple water column profiles of conductivity, temperature, pressure and turbidity measurements. Real-time RS232 serial data output from the RBRconcerto logger are transmitted back to the surface vehicle via fibre optic communications facilitated by the MacArtney Nano MUX multiplexer.

RBR’s family of multi-channel concerto loggers offer flexible measuring schedules, optional fast sampling up to 32 Hz and ample power for extended deployments. Twist activated WiFi communications and external serial data and power connections make these loggers ideally suited to both moored and profiling applications.

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