The latest hardware and software innovations for the WaveRadar REX are covered in a feature article published in November’s Marine Technology Reporter Special Reports and Whitepaper issue.

Following the 2017 release of the new WaveView Connect software, which supports real-time wave processing, configurable displays and advanced data networking capabilities, WaveRadar REX systems can now also be deployed on vessels and moving platforms whilst underway.

This new capability is thanks to a motion compensation module within WaveView Connect, which accepts heave, pitch and roll inputs from all leading motion reference unit sensors commonly found on vessels. The quality and reliability of wave data, where the sensor is mounted on a moving vessel, are drastically improved.

Another significant development is the CODE: a Continuous Operation and Data Enclosure providing back-up power, data processing and telemetry for the WaveRadar REX. Designed for use in remote locations or construction areas where intermittent power interruptions or outages are common the CODE offers back-up power for up to 24 hours from a single lead-acid battery. With the addition of a single board computer the CODE can also process raw wave data locally prior to sending processed wave statistics anywhere in the world via Ethernet, cellular or iridium networks.

To read more about the newest innovations for WaveRadar REX check out the full article here.

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