RS Aqua are delighted to announce their signing of a partnership agreement with DMO to bring the Wirewalker to the UK and Ireland.

The Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO) Wirewalker is a vertically profiling instrument-platform powered by ocean waves.  The Wirewalker’s ability to rapidly profile the water column and integrate a wide variety of sensor payloads brings new life to typical one-dimensional sensor time-series. With a single sensor payload, the Wirewalker can produce time series of high resolution vertical profiles providing an enormous increase in information.

Attached to a free-drifting or moored buoy, the Wirewalker uses wave motion to ratchet downward along a wire. At a predetermined depth, the ratchet hits a stopper and releases. The profiler then ascends smoothly at its terminal velocity, completely decoupled from sea-surface motion. A very clean data record is obtained to within 1 metre of the sea surface.

RS Aqua can provide a complete, ready to use system integrating the RBR Maestro or RBR Concerto, these sensors are ideal for use with the Wirewalker as they are incredibly low power and therefore, have excellent endurance, creating large datasets. The RBR Maestro and RBR Concerto have been optimised for use with this platform with directional sampling rates. RS Aqua can also supply a turn-key system equipped with real time communications via GSM or Iridium utilising the RBRcervello and inductive modem options.

For more information on the Wirewalker please contact RS Aqua

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