When you want great data, you need great sensors. RBR designs lead the industry in accuracy, stability, and power consumption.

For additional parameters, sensors from around the industry are integrated tightly into the loggers, including a deep understanding of ranging behaviour, settling time, and dynamic effects.


Compact Loggers

The RBRsolo³ and RBRduet³ series are the firm’s most compact, lightweight, and versatile loggers yet. Equipped with big storage capacity and USB-C download, they are optimized for long deployments with high sampling rates.

Solo³ Duet³

Standard Loggers

RBR’s standard loggers can measure up to 10 parameters. Numerous configuration options allow for maximum customization for your measurement needs. In addition to conductivity, temperature and depth, many other parameters – including third-party sensors, can be easily integrated with these recorders.

Virtuoso³ / Duo³ Brevio³ Concerto³ Concerto³ TX Maestro³ Quartz³ Wave & Tide Loggers RBR Inductive Modem


A wave-powered profiling system where mechanical, sensing, and communication elements are all tightly integrated. The DMO Wirewalker can be configured using either the RBRconcerto³ or RBRmaestro³ instruments.

DMO Wirewalker Cervello Data Controller

Ruskin Software

All RBR products use a single piece of free-to-use software: Ruskin. Compatible with PCs and Macs, it is the only application needed to deploy, download, and display the data from your logger.

Ruskin can also be used to simulate instruments or deployments, estimate battery autonomy and memory usage for different scenarios.

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Since 1973, Our partners at RBR have been designing and manufacturing exceptional oceanographic instruments from their headquarters in the picturesque city of Ottawa, Canada.

From the ocean abyss to the polar ice cap, their sensors track a variety of parameters including temperature, depth, salinity, dissolved gases, pH, and much more.

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