RBR Ruskin Software

Ruskin is the only software required for all RBR instruments.

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All RBR products use a single piece of software: Ruskin. Compatible with PCs and Macs, it is the only application needed to deploy, download, and display the data from your logger.

Ruskin can also be used to simulate instruments or deployments, estimate battery autonomy and memory usage for different scenarios.

Ruskin is free and easy to install and simple to use.

Key Features

• Free to install
• Can simulate any RBR logger and deployment
• Compatible with all RBR equipment

Technical Specifications

• Multiple instrument interface: More than one logger can be connected to Ruskin at a time and multiple data sets can be opened.

• Flexible export: In addition to the raw logger data file (.rsk), Ruskin supports the following formats: OceanDataView (.odv) and Excel (.xlsx), as well as a plain ASCII (.txt) format.

• Plotting: Ruskin gives you a set of charting tools to help you visualize your data. These can be saved as PNG (bitmap) and PDF (vector).

• Cast support: Use instrument-generated or post-processing-generated casts to segment your data and view as either time-based or depth-based plots.

• Complete deployment simulation: Ruskin can simulate any RBR logger and estimate the deployment resources required.

• Calibration: One- or two-point calibration for dissolved oxygen, pH, pressure, and turbidity.