The Chinook is an inspection ROV with wide ranging capabilities. Depth rated to 300m or 600m for the deepwater version. It offers a stable work platform yet remains compact and highly manoeuvrable allowing operation in confined spaces. Its lightweight design allows easy storage when not in use and can easily be handled by two people.

Photo Credit: General Diving

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The Steelhead inspection-class ROV is a portable, lightweight and stable underwater system that is easily operated through intuitive flight controls. Its small profile allows this vehicle to inspect confined spaces and can be easily stowed. Features include an integrated controller and LCD monitor module with auto depth, auto heading, a digital video recorder and much more.

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The Mako is SEAMOR Marine’s newest ROV. With a large open frame design and versatile mounting options, this vehicle can carry a variety of accessories with enough power to operate them all simultaneously. The Mako’s payload (up to 22.5 kg) allows users to install heavy instrumentation, including multi-beam imaging sonars, all without slowing down thanks to its 8 powerful, SEAMOR-designed thrusters.

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A range of official SEAMOR accessories are available from RS Aqua including:

Handheld Control Pendant

A more comfortable Logitech F310 control solution.

Dual Function Gripper

Mounted in view of the camera to easily retrieve objects up to 90mm diameter.

Marine Auxiliary Camera

A durable SEAMOR camera pressure-tested to 600m.

Marine Auxiliary Light

SEAMOR’s bright LED light unit with a practical 125 degree beam angle.

SEAMOR Sea Otter Reel

Made from high-grade aluminium and stainless steel, the reel can be supplied open or mounted in a heavy-duty Pelican case.

SEAMOR Thruster

With powerful 150W Maxon DC motors and gearboxes.


SEAMOR Marine was established in 2006 in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast. In the spring of the following year, the adventure leapt forward with the purchase of intellectual property rights from a local tech company, Inuktun Services Ltd.

Founded by Inja Ma and Robin Li, a wife and husband team, SEAMOR represents the entrepreneurial spirit of intrepid immigrants, dedicated to creating a successful venture in their new country.

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