Laboratory Fluorometer

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Trilogy® is a powerful yet easy to use instrument that offers many benefits for benchtop analysis of samples. Its all solid-state design (no moving parts) utilizes light emitting diodes, sensitive photodiodes, solid glass filters, and electronics to ensure reliable and repeatable readings with no instrument drift. Sensitivity is maximized and pre-set providing a broad measurement range from minimum detection levels to maximum linear concentrations without instrument adjustments. Up to 18 different calibrations can be stored, each calibration performed with up to five concentration standards. Data can be output directly into an Excel spreadsheet during measurements via USB or serial connection.

Trilogy can be used for fluorescence, absorbance, or turbidity measurements by simply snapping in the appropriate module. Standard modules are pre-configured for select applications; custom modules can be built for user-specific applications. The Trilogy’s small, compact design makes it a great addition to any laboratory analyzing fluorescence, absorbance, or turbidity properties of natural water samples.

Key Features

  • Configurable for numerous applications

  • Quickly change applications by snapping in a different module

  • Store up to 18 user-defined multipoint calibrations

  • Measure both raw fluorescence and direct concentration for a sample

  • Easily export data to an Excel spreadsheet while measuring samples

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