Fish Tags

Innovasea fish tags emit coded transmissions which are uniquely identifiable by Innovasea receivers. They come in a variety of sizes, frequencies, power outputs, battery life and sensor options.


• Internationally identifiable unique tag IDs
• Suitable for everything from small smolts to large sharks
• Can carry environmental sensors
• Can record predation events


Fish & Animal Tracking Receivers

Innovasea receivers interpret and record coded fish tag transmissions when those animals come within range.

The receivers are available with a variety of different capabilities. Many carry environmental sensors, some can communicate their data to the sea surface, and one of our most popular versions has an internal acoustic release mechanism. Others are suitable for tracking tags from a boat (active tracking receivers), and some can even be attached to larger fish species.


• Extremely durable
• Internal Environmental Sensors
• Acoustic Release Option
• Seabed to Sea Surface Transponding


Acoustic Release Canister (ARC)

The original Acoustic Release Rope Canister, meticulously proven on over a thousand successful deployments since 2017.

The ARC acoustic release canister retrieval system is designed specifically for use with Innovasea VR2AR fish tracking acoustic release (AR) receiver and the Ascent AR. When the AR is activated the ARC brings it to the surface whilst leaving a rope attached to the anchor for easy recovery of all seabed mooring infrastructure. Additional sensors such as PAM acoustic recorders, CTDs and cameras can be mounted too and recovered using the ARC system. The system is low cost and easy to maintain and includes lifetime product support from RS Aqua.


• Compatible with world-leading Innovasea Acoustic Release
• Allows simple recovery of seabed mooring
• Proven across hundreds of deployments
• Buoyancy: 3 x 11″ trawl floats; widely available off the shelf


NexTrak System

The NexTrak R1 is a 69kHz receiver which provides an increase in range detection by 40% compared to earlier receivers, and delivers twice the detections.

With these improvements, the NexTrak R1 reduces the number of receivers required to cover the same area, lowering the cost of ownership overall.


• 40% increased detection range compared to previous receivers
• Twice as many detections due to NexTrak R1s advanced processor filtering our noise and decoding pings from transmitters
• Improved reliability in challenging acoustic environments
• Higher quality data due to signal strength and enhanced post-processing capabilities.

NexTrak Datasheet

Fathom Software

Fathom is a suite of fish tracking tools created by Innovasea. Accessing and managing your data is easier and quicker than ever, thanks to this comprehensive cloud-based platform.

Five Intuitive Applications

Fathom Connect: Manage your VR2, HR2 and HR3 acoustic receiver data
Fathom Mobile: Connect and view data from 69 kHz receivers on the go
Fathom Central: Cloud-storage and visualiser for your telemetry data
Fathom Live: Real-time detections and environmental monitoring
Fathom Position: Perform your own fine-scale positioning for tracking

Fathom Datasheet

VR100-300 Tracking Acoustic Receiver

The VR100-300 is a multipurpose acoustic receiver for real-time manual tracking of aquatic animals from vessels and as a deck box for remote communication with transponding acoustic receivers. 

When used with a VHTx transponding hydrophone, the VR100-300 can communicate with deployed acoustic receivers to locate units and get health and detection statisticsIt’s also used to remotely release deployed VR2AR acoustic release receivers. 



An industry trailblazer for four decades, Innovasea’s groundbreaking tracking technology is helping push the boundaries of science, facilitating cutting-edge research that leads to novel insights into aquatic animal behavior and survival.

Innovasea became the innovation leader in advanced acoustic telemetry tools and consulting services following the 2019 acquisition of Vemco and HTI, each of whom spent years investing in important research and development. Today they provide work-anywhere solutions that scientists around the world count on to answer important questions about aquatic animal behavior.

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