What is the blue economy?

According to the World Bank, the Blue Economy is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihood and jobs and ecosystem health. It is no different from any other economy, yet there are a few distinctions – commitment to sustainable growth and wider social benefits.  

Dr Ryan Mowat on Aldwick Beach

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“There are many industries and sectors that exploit the oceans, but not all of them do it sustainably” 

– Dr Ryan Mowat, Director of Fisheries & Research RS Aqua 

The ocean is home to a crucial source of the world’s food supply, particularly fish, and it has become clear over the past several hundred years that fish stocks have been overfished owing to commercial fishing.  

Luckily, fishing does not have to be unsustainable thanks to scientific data and the understanding we have about fish ecology. We can fish in completely sustainable ways, and this is proven by the practices we find in aquaculture and wild fisheries along the South Coast of England.  

Fishing sustainably is the only way to ensure that our growing global population can get the protein it needs and that fish populations will be sustained for use by future generations.  

This commitment to sustainability by Blue Economy players is not just a response to current market trends, the results of an overexploited ocean are directly proportional to the longevity of ocean-dependent industries and organizations.  

Cleaning our waters

Concerns have been raised regarding the elevated levels of sewage overflows and poor water quality ratings across local beaches in the UK. For swimmers, divers and lovers of watersports this comes as an especially hard blow as they can no longer use the water like they are used to.

Other water activity that plays directly into the Blue Economy such as tourism and aquaculture are also largely impacted by the deteriorating quality of our waters. On the other hand, good environmental conditions form the basis of a thriving Blue Economy and in turn, coastal communities and the country at large can reap health, mental health and economic benefits. 

The Blue Economy provides benefits to life below our waters and surrounding communities. When we begin thinking about how our actions affect the ocean, whether personal or business-related, and use it in a way that is sustainable, future generations will thank us for it. 

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