Aquatic Noise 2016

The fourth international conference on “The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life” (AN2016) took place in Dublin, Ireland, July 10-16, 2016. Like the successful predecessor meetings held in Nyborg, Denmark (2007), Cork, Ireland (2010) and Budapest, Hungary (2013), the event brought together scientists, regulators, environmentalists, and people from industry to learn about and discuss issues related to the effects that man-made noise has on aquatic organisms. AN2016 was the largest scientific Aquatic Noise conference yet, with over 70 speakers (not including speed talks) and 300 delegates.

RS Aqua Underwater Acoustic Recorders

RS Aqua Marine Scientist Ryan Mowat attended AN2016 with Chris Loadman, President of Turbulent Research (Nova Scotia) and designer of RS Aqua’s new broadband underwater recorders, the RS-ORCA and the RS-HILO. The event provided a good opportunity to talk to expert users of underwater acoustic recorders and to get a sense of the technological advances required by the research field generally. Marine mammal noise localisation and the real time transfer of processed noise data were themes that arose several times over the course of the week.




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