All standard RBR loggers are inclusive of a Wi-Fi communication module, which allows users to communicate with their logger using a free smartphone app. It removes the need for cables to configure and offload data in the field, and automatically switches itself on for communication when the logger breaks the sea surface. Using the smartphone app – called Ruskin – you can also schedule, download, display and synchronise your logger data back to the office. Data can be visualised in Ruskin as charts, plotted by time or depth. Datasets can be shared via AirDrop, Dropbox, email, iCloud Drive and many others. Furthermore, each oceanographic cast of the RBR logger is tagged with the GPS location of your smartphone at the time of data download. The WiFi module is inclusive of an automatic power management feature, which disables the Wi-Fi when submerged in the water.


Ruskin is available for use on a Mac, PC, iOS or Android.

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