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Vemco Mobile Transceiver (VMT)

Flexible, dual channel receiver with an underwater modem for remote communications is ideal for long term, deep water deployments.

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The Vemco Mobile Transceiver (VMT) is a hybrid between a
69 kHz coded transmitter and a 69 kHz monitoring receiver
(similar to the VR2W-69 kHz). The VMT is externally attached
to an animal and its receiving capabilities enable it to detect
other animals that have been tagged with a 69 kHz coded
transmitter. Coded transmitting capabilities also allow the
VMT to be detected by other deployed 69 kHz receivers.
The VMT comes with several user programmable options
such as the ability to vary receiver ON time (duty cycle), as
well as some tag programming options.

VMT Optical Reader

VMT data is stored in the tag memory and can be retrieved using the VMT Optical Reader.

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