Trident DeepBlue ROV Receiver

A submersible directional hydrophone and digital receiver, with direct ROV integration, for the location of subsea acoustic assests.

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The Trident DeepBlue Digital Receiver is designed to work with Remotely Operated Vehicles for Acoustic device location subsea. Applications for this receiver are predominantly within the subsea pipe pigging industry to locate assets that are stuck within a network. Acoustic signals from 8kHz to 50kHz are captured using Propipe’s 410 Directional Acoustic Hydrophone.

The Trident 410 is a directional hydrophone which is designed for use on ROV’s or submersibles. When combined with the Trident DeepBlue Digital ROV receiver, the directional sensitivity of the hydrophone provides the ability to accurately detect & locate acoustic pingers. The 410 hydrophone can be mounted directly on to the ROV skid or supplied complete with a fishtail for use with the manipulator arm. Data from the receiver is transmitted through the ROV multiplexer to the vessel for real-time analysis. Connection with the ROV can either be RS232 or Ethernet.