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ParametersTemperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), and more.
ConnectionRS 232/485

T-Chain RS 232/485

A Temperature String with more options

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The T-Chain is a long electrical cable containing temperature sensors and possibly other sensors at specific intervals. The RS 232/485 T-Chain is intended to be connected to customer-supplied power and host logger systems. T-Chain will emit calibrated measurements via RS232 or RS485. Every T-Chain is constructed on a semi-custom basis with the sensors pre-built and then positioned on the T-Chain according to customer requirements.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting
  • Single cable with kevlar core
  • High Accuracy
  • Multiple sensors
  • Rapid response
  • Real-time data
  • Pre-Calibrated
  • Wide thermal range
  • 165 meter maximum depth

Temperature sensors are permanently molded onto the T-Chain temperature string at customer specified locations. A large number of temperature, and other sensors, can be installed on a single T-Chain. The temperature sensor thermistors are well thermally connected to the water and exhibit very rapid time response. The temperature sensors are much more than simple potted thermistors. Each sensor contains not only a thermistor, but also complex circuitry, all of which is hermetically sealed in a waterproof containment. This design gives the T-Chain very good resistance to water and extreme longevity.


The T-Chain consists of a single polyurethane sheathed cable with a Kevlar core, which maintains strength because the core is never broken. The electrical cable is specially manufactured for PME and features a very thick overall polyurethane jacket, teflon jacketed highly stranded wires, and interior kevlar core. These features give the T-Chain its very good resistance to abrasion, tension and flexure. Only the highest quality materials and techniques are combined to give the T-Chain its very good performance in difficult situations.


Temperature Sensor Nodes are molded onto the T-Chain. The thermistor is exposed to the water and located within an Inconel protective tube. This allows for fast response time, high accuracy and resolution of temperature.
Dissolved Oxygen sensors are plugged onto the T-Chain at customer specified locations. The oxygen sensor is an optode that measures lifetime-based luminescence quenching of fluorescence.

PAR sensors are plugged onto the T-Chain at customer-specified locations. These sensors use the Li-Cor LI-192SA Underwater Quantum Sensor. Pressure Sensors are plugged onto the T-Chain and are typically located at the lower end of the T-Chain. Multiple sensors can be installed on a T-Chain, but typical T-Chains only have one. Other sensors are available for the T-Chain. The Turner Designs, Cyclops-7 Sensors can be plugged onto the T-Chain.


The T-Chain RS232/485 is not supplied with software as it is controlled by the device it plugs into. The RS232 is bi-directional and can be directly connected to a local PC COM port or other similar platform. It is programmed to output a string of measurements in response to a carriage return sent by a host computer, or they are programmed to simply emit a string of measurements.

Additional information
ParametersTemperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), and more.
ConnectionRS 232/485