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As industry leaders in subsea cameras and underwater imaging systems, SubC Imaging offer custom solutions that meet the unique challenges of marine researchers from around the globe. Their catalogue of modular subsea cameras, lasers, and LEDs covers a broad range of marine research applications that enables clients to build complete imaging systems to specifically fulfil their challenging technical, operational, and integration needs.

SubC Cameras

By offering modular integration with ROVs, AUVs, Observatories, Autonomous Operations, and more, cameras like the Rayfin have the advanced ability to adapt to researchers’ unique needs. SubC cameras are purposely built to withstand severe marine environments while consistently delivering 4K and HD subsea video and imaging. Every SubC camera and imaging solution also comes backed by industry-leading, after-sales support, ensuring that operators have assistance with data processing, integration, and camera maintenance when they need it.

Key Features

  • Live HD via (Ethernet/Coax) or 4K (Fiber)
  • 21MP digital stills (JPEG and RAW) with LED strobe synchronization
  • 4K and HD video clips stored to 512GB solid-state memory
  • Real-time media download and control of all functions (Exposure, focus, etc.)
  • Autonomous scripting with SubC API

SubC Lights and Lasers

SubC’s LEDs and lasers are widely used in diverse subsea applications by marine researchers across the globe. These products are compatible with subsea ROV, observatory, drop, tow, and battery-deployed camera systems. Both products are software controlled and are easily be integrated into SubC camera systems.

Key Features

  • Simple attachment to camera
  • 532nm wavelength
  • Designed for precision applications
  • 6000m, Titanium and Sapphire
  • Calibrated and accurate to 5m
  • Can operate as a stand-alone
  • Class 3B lasers

Offshore DVR + Overlay

Recording your next big marine research discovery or survey is made possible with the SubC Offshore Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with Overlay. This high-performance system is supported by powerful software that allows for unrivalled subsea video recording, annotation, and streaming. Supports six channels of video for recording, overlay, dive log, LAN, and remote video streaming. All video standards are supported by composite, HD, 4K, and IP cameras. Also, we can help you with the storage, management, and organization of your data. We can easily integrate the ability to stream video offshore over a ship’s local network with the ability to view the video feed using any computer on the network.

Key Features

  • 6 channels of 4K, HD, IP and SD video

  • Recording and Blackboxing of all camera feeds

  • Dynamic overlay of all camera feeds

  • Intuitive – operational in less than 1 hour

  • Compatible all common video standards up to 4K

  • Built-in secure Real-time video streaming

  • Data logging with time-sync events

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