Submersible Li-Ion Batteries

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High-capacity, submersible Li-Ion batteries designed for long-term monitoring, sensor deployments and ROV & AUV power supplies. Available in a range of sizes, capacities, voltages and depth ratings up to 6,000m.

Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are amongst the most efficient batteries available. They are ideal for use in the offshore industry providing the highest capacity whilst maintaining a low weight and volume. SubCtech produces complete PowerPack battery packs in cooperation with manufacturers of high-class and certificated industrial cells. They are easy and safe to operate with the matching charging technology – SmartCharger.

Main Components

  • Standard capacity configurations from 650 to 5210Wh.
  • 4 standard voltages: 14.4, 25.2, 46.8 and 50.4V
  • Rugged & corrosion-free housing made from POM or Titanium
  • Depth ratings of 100, 300, 3000, 4000 and 6000m available.

Li-Ion batteries can deliver high current, in contrast to other battery technologies. PowerPacks™ are chosen specifically for the marine industry and work much more efficiently than alternative technologies, even at very low temperatures e.g Alkali prime batteries or Ni-Mh batteries,

Li-Ion batteries are already profitable after the third charging process and are very environmentally friendly. Under tough conditions – such as very low temperatures, high currents (also peaks) or under difficult offshore conditions – our Li-Ion PowerPacks™ provide more power than Alkali primary cells or older storage battery technologies. The ease of handling is an important characteristic that makes SubCtech’s PowerPacks™ ideal for usage on board or under extreme conditions like under ice or in the deep ocean.