OceanPack – Subsea

A highly accurate submersible pCO2 analyser, utilising NDIR technology, capable of sampling at up to 6000m depth. The internal SmartDI logger can form the basis of a larger subsea monitoring deployment with mulitple inputs for 3rd party sensors.

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The OceanPack Subsea is designed for the precise measurement of pCO2 in environments ranging from near surface to full ocean depth. The patented flat silicone equilibrator allows each unit to be sample in the harshest of conditions whilst still producing high quality data. The Li-COR analyser technology integrated into the unit provides a very stable measurement, making the OceanPack suitable for long term monitoring deployments.

Main Components

• Internal Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
• Water in-take pump for faster response times
• External sensors such as CTD, oxygen optode, pH sensors, dye fluorometer, oil-in-water fluorometer etc
• Data input for position data and geo-referencing of all data
• Holder and brackets for installation support
• Cables for sensors or external data loggers
• Mooring and profiling frames

SubCtech’s OceanPack Subsea comprises of a LI-COR® Biosciences pCO2 analyser integrated with a SubCtech SmartDI® (Smart Data Interface) data logger as a data management unit. The model of analyser used in all OceanPacks is exclusive to SubCtech as a result of a close engineering relationship between Li-COR Biosciences and SubCtech.