OceanPack – AUMS

SubCtech’s Autonomous Underway Measurement System (AUMS) enables accurate, underway pCO2 measurements with the option to incorporate numerous third party sensors for simultaneous sampling. The OceanPack is designed for minimal maintenance with autonomous cleaning and calibration modules.

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SubCtech’s OceanPack AUMS comprises of a LI-COR® Biosciences pCO2 analyser integrated with a SubCtech SmartDI® (Smart Data Interface) data logger as a data management unit. The model of analyser used in all OceanPacks is exclusive to SubCtech as a result of a close engineering relationship between Li-COR Biosciences and SubCtech. The SmartDI logger is additionally equipped with a range of connection types to enable the integration of other probes or analysing systems. The simple modular design of the OceanPack™ and its automatic operation makes it a very economical choice.

Main Components

  • Robust, versatile and compact housing
  • Complete and easy to maintain “Underway” system
  • Expandable through the optional RS485 bus, e.g. to connect Meteorology sensors or external pumps etc.
  • Easy integration of instrumentation through SmartDI® data management system connected simultaneously by up to 36 serial interfaces for a number of sensors. For the best performance, all sensors are installed into the Debubbler measuring the same water mass under equal conditions.
  • GPS geo-referenceing for all data
  • Optional online telemetry data transfer and alarm services via GSM or Iridium satellite
  • Coarse filter and dBubbler® Debubbler unit. The Debubbler was designed as a sediment trap and sensor basin as well.
  • Optional automatic cleaning with optimised, small size motor valves. Compared to competitors, no direct electrical valves are used. Direct valves can fail and will produce leaks or inaccurate values due to the influence of tap water or acid leaks inside the water system.

The OceanPack system is already used by important institutes and authorities, e.g. OceanoScientific® project by IFREMER, CNRS, Meteo-France (France), Belgium government BMM (RV Belgica), German Government BSH, IOW Warnemünde, SOA (China), AWI (Germany ), NIOZ and University of Groningen (The Netherlands) or IMARE institute (Germany).