NVTS Night Vision Technology Solutions

NVTS brings to government, commercial and private customers the most innovative & cost effective, EO/IR ISR camera systems available today.

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NVTS provides camera systems that are customized for the individual operator, and fully implemented with advanced features at the touch of a button. Their marine stabilized ISR camera systems are designed for small quick response vessels, large patrol boats, tugs, yachts to fast frigates. NVTS land based EO/IR cameras are designed to be on mobile tripods, armored vehicles to fixed towers.

TRITON Marine Mammal Detection System

NVTS’s Triton is an advanced marine mammal detection system that incorporates the Guardian EO/IR camera, analytic software and powerful, ruggedized, mobile computer system in a portable hard case.
Triton’s User Interface (UI) provides ease of operation, advanced wide-area situational awareness, and marine mammal detection up to 5km (MWIR Camera). Triton is designed to detect marine mammals, ships, small craft and human activity during day, night, and in challenging weather. This gives the operator 24/7 detection capability within the designated coverage area.

Key Features

  • User interface provides birds-eye view
  • Live video and event alarming
  • Optional workstations and wireless operation
  • Automated camera steering to alarm locations
  • Mysticetus software compatibility
  • Cooled (MWIR) or uncooled (LWIR) options
  • Thermal detection ranges up to 5km
  • Portable system deployed in two hard case


The ATLAS LRX provides a turnkey solution for extended range border and coastal surveillance. Designed to operate in extreme environments, the Atlas LRX delivers a combination of wide area detection, target identification and tracking. Atlas LRX incorporates the latest in MWIR Thermal and HD Visible technology to detect and track small targets at extended ranges with incredible resolution and stability. Its modular design enables sensors to be easily upgraded, added and maintained, keeping operational costs down. Atlas LRX is ideal for fixed or mobile applications needing a variety of long range sensors for threat detection and extended perimeter security.

Key Features

  • Rugged Mil Spec IP67 Rated Positioner
  • Modular Design for Sensor Upgrades
  • Thermal and Visible Sensor Flexibility
  • Radar Interface Slew to Cue
  • Image Stabilization at Long Range NFOV
  • Fully Compatible with Existing IP Networked C2 Systems
  • HD Visible Digital Atmospheric Fog and Haze Reduction
  • Turbulence Mitigation Processing
  • Autofocus

Guardian 4HD

The newly designed Guardian 4HD is a powerful medium to long range gyro-stabilized ISR camera system. Guardian’s flexible payload configuration makes it a smart choice for a wide variety of platforms. NVTS’s Guardian 4HD precision gyro-stabilized camera system delivers high definition imaging, long-range optics, and precision targeting in a compact package. Designed for in theatre operations, the Guardian 4HD delivers superior detection, stabilization, crisp imagery, and targeting data using our True HD Visible and Thermal Cameras. This mid range camera is built to spec to match range requirements and budget, with both military and commercial maritime applications in mind.

The Guardian thermal camera system now comes with an optional ruggedized touch screen control tablet. The attached deck includes embedded sample videos, and lists sensor options.

Key Features

  • Multi-axis high-performance gyro-stabilization.
  • Dual on-board processors run a sophisticated AKF for superior static, dynamic inclination estimates, and inertial measurements.
  • True HD Thermal /Visible Cameras enable razor-sharp recognition at long ranges.
  • On-screen display enabling fast operator information assessments
  • Large Format HD 2.2 megapixel Visible with 30X Optical Zoom
  • HD Thermal 1.2 megapixel (1280 x 1024) Cooled MWIR delivers 4x the image resolution compared to the standard 640 x 480 resolution.
  • Optional ruggedised touch screen control tablet

Reliant 640HD

The Reliant 640HD is a powerful compact stabilized ISR camera system designed for maritime, ground vehicle, and remote surveillance operations. The Reliant’s compact, lightweight design, solves the problem of space without compromising performance. The Reliant’s HD visible camera is equipped with a 30X optical zoom that can also convert to a low light camera for additional night-time use. Its high resolution 640 x 480 thermal camera comes standard with a large 40mm focal length lens for extended detection clarity and range.

Key Features

  • Uncooled 640 X 480 Thermal Resolution 2X-4X digital zoom
  • CMOS Color HD camera, 2.14MP, 20X optical zoom
  • Dual video outputs for color visible camera and thermal imaging camera
  • HD Visible Camera with ICR (Infrared Cut Filter Removal) for extreme low light visibility
  • Vertical axis digital stabilization
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Day/night (ICR)
  • 10.8~28V wide range voltage input
  • Waterproof: Meets IP67 immersion
  • Auto power-off with low power supply
  • Optional joystick controller