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Iridium Modems, Transceivers & Accesories

A range of Iridium modems, transceivers, and accessories to enable satellite data transmission.

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Iridium satellite modems and transceivers allow you to get your devices and applications to market faster. With TTL to serial interfaces, input voltage regulators and standardized antenna connectors, an Iridium communication link can be set up in a short period of time.

Key Features

  • Truly Global Coverage
  • Plug and Play configurations
  • Embedded & standalone devices

Iridium Edge® Pro

Iridium Edge Pro is the first programmable solution for asset management, tracking, and recovery. The new device enables users to create customizable end-to-end monitoring solutions for vessels, vehicles, and remote equipment using Iridium’s best in the class two-way network and truly global coverage.

The Iridium Edge Pro is a standalone satellite device with a Micro EJ Java application-programming environment. The device consists of a power supply, dedicated Iridium antenna, dedicated GPS antenna, BLE, four configurable inputs/outputs, RS232, RS485, and CAN bus in an environmentally sealed enclosure. It contains an Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) modem which allows remote devices to send and receive satellite messages from anywhere in the world.


The STREAM transceivers are available in several variants (STREAM 200, 210, 211), this provides end-users with flexible integration options depending on their overall design requirements. All STREAM variants come equipped with an Iridium 9603N transceiver, serial communications module, and a power entry support for various OEM engineering systems and hardware/software development

applications where cellular connectivity is intermittent or non-existent.

Tera 9523 Modem

The Tera modem solution integrates the powerful Iridium 9523 L-Band transceiver, providing users with an easy solution to communicate data over the network using SBD, CSD, and RUDICS. The Tera is a robust, easy to use solution and versatile across both small and large data applications.

Iridium 9603N SBD Transceiver

A revolution in scale, the compact Iridium 9603N SBD Transceiver is the world’s smallest commercially available two-way satellite data transceiver. It is designed for applications where space is at premium and connectivity is critical.

Iridium Edge Solar

The Iridium Edge® Solar is a standalone and programmable, solar-powered Short Burst Data (SBD®) device that offers real-time GPS tracking and local wireless sensor and communication capabilities over Bluetooth. Currently accepting PRE-ORDERS.

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