Handheld Datalogger

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The DataBank™ is a rugged and self-contained universal meter, datalogger, GPS, and power supply. Used with Cyclops or C-FLUOR Submersible Sensors, sensor calibration and operation are simple. The DataBank records high-frequency data which may be downloaded and graphically displayed on a PC. Sensor power is provided directly from the DataBank’s internal rechargeable battery. Various sensor cable lengths are available to allow sampling at different depths.

Key Features

  • Stores up to 9,999 records and 16 calibration
  • Includes auto-gain function
  • Simplifies sensor calibration
  • Integrated Internal GPS

GPS data are integrated into the DataBank. Each line of data that is stored or exported contains time, date, and position information as well as the sample measurement.  Integrated GPS data are important when conducting dye trace studies, mapping algal blooms or looking for the presence of optical brighteners as an indicator of wastewater contamination. Small and lightweight, the DataBank is ideal for remote fieldwork.