Ballast-Check 2

The Ballast-Check 2 is a handheld fluorometer which facilitates quick, indicative compliance checks for ship-board ballast water.

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The Ballast-Check 2 is a lightweight, durable, handheld fluorometer which is factory set and optimised for the ballast water D3 regulations.

It is ideal for quick, indicative checks of on-board ballast water and is ready to use right out of the box, with all accessories included and no required calibration.

Key Features

• Less than one minute for algal abundance and activity results
• Factory calibrated, with calibration check standard included
• Small, lightweight, highly durable

Precision and accuracy of the Ballast-Check 2 have been independently tested and shown to correlate well with microscopy when estimating cell counts, even after UV treatment.

Simple one-button measurements display estimates for both algal abundance and algal activity, also providing ship crew or port state control an indication of risk for exceedance of the regulation.

Results are logged internally and can be downloaded as a PDF report which cannot be edited.

Ballast-Check 2 is ideal for quick on-the-spot indicative compliance tests of ballast water.