The AquaFluor is a lightweight, inexpensive, handheld fluorometer/turbidimeter for field-work.

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The AquaFluor is durable and small, allowing quick measurements easily in the field. The device contains onboard datalogging (optional) for up to 1,000 readings using standard AAA batteries.

Dual channel capabilities allow users to measure fluorescence and turbidity in one sample. A wide range of standard optics are available with the AquaFlash:

• Chlorophyll a in vivo
• Chlorophyll a Extracted
• Blue Green Algae (both Phycocyanin and Phycoerythrin)
• Fluorescein Dye
• Rhodamine WT Dye
• Turbidity
• Ammonium
• Optical Brighteners.

Custom optics can also be configured to suit your application.

Key Features

• Dual channels allow for quick toggling between two applications.
• Durable, dustproof and waterproof – it even floats!
• Operates on AAA batteries for > 1,000 measurements

Samples are collected in plastic cuvettes or glass tubes, then inserted into the instrument chamber. One press of a button can take a measurement or toggle between the specified channels. Measurements stored to the instrument memory can be downloaded directly into Microsoft Excel using the data transfer software provided.

Solid Secondary Standards are available for the AquaFluor which allow the user to rapidly recalibrate the instrument or check its stability or performance. The five point plus blank calibration enables increase accuracy.