Night Vision Technology Solutions (NVTS) brings to government, maritime and commercial customers the most innovative & cost effective, Thermal Imaging (IR) Camera Systems available today.

NVTS products are simple to use, yet fully implemented with advanced features at a touch of a button. From advanced stabilized EO/IR camera systems to portable night vision handhelds, NVTS constantly innovates to provide the latest in technology, cost effectively.


Dual optical / thermal camera systems for security, surveillance and marine mammal observations.

Products include powerful medium to long range gyro-stabilized ISR camera systems such at the Guardian and the Trident.

For greater range and static installations, the Atlas LRX is designed to operate in extreme environments.  The Atlas LRX delivers a combination of wide area detection, target identification and tracking, whilst incorporating the latest in MWIR Thermal and HD Visible technology to detect and track small targets at extended ranges with incredible resolution and stability.

  • Maritime surveillance systems, dual optical / thermal cameras, gyro-stabilised.
  • Portable dual optical / thermal marine mammal detection systems.
  • Long range fixed MWIR thermal and HD optical cameras with incredible range.

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