Nautilus Marine Service is a German-based company that manufactures deep sea pressure housings made of VITROVEX® glass. These high quality spheres are designed for floatation and instrument housings, with different shapes, sizes and pressure ratings up to full ocean depth available.

RS Aqua have partnered with Nautilus Marine Service for almost 20 years, and work to specify and supply glass flotation to Oceanographers, and glass housing as OEM solutions to many high profile subsea technology providers.


High quality, pressure resistant glass flotation & instrument spheres and housings to provide buoyancy for deep ocean research applications, and optical grade glass for instrument housings. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and pressure ratings up to full ocean depth (12,000m).

  • Immense strength to weight ratio
  • Resistant to breaking – low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Remarkable transparency and clarity with smooth, pore-free surface

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