Liquid Robotics® provide a variety of products and services such as ready-to-order Wave Glider packages, custom builds and the option of receiving data from an existing Wave Glider. Liquid Robotics is a subsidiary of Boeing, and have worked with RS Aqua since 2012.


Sitting at the surface, the Wave Glider is capable of collecting and communicating ocean data, real-time, through unpredictable conditions, for up to one year. It connects subsea data and communicates it to satellites and land, creating an ocean network.


Wave Gliders collect fine-scale, meteorological and oceanographic data to improve marine and weather models.

Mobile, long-duration Wave Gliders are ideal for harvesting data from subsea sensors and tracking seafloor motion using GPS-Acoustics.

Wave Gliders can improve how you find fish, track tagged marine mammals, and assess the health of fisheries—for a fraction of the cost of ships-based methods.

Wave Gliders provide a mobile and persistent platform that can monitor conditions, harvest subsea data, and communicate in real-time with underwater vehicles and systems, making offshore operations safer and more cost-effective.

  • Meteorology & Oceanography
  • Tsunami & Seismic Monitoring
  • Fish & Marine Mammal Monitoring
  • Offshore Energy

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