The Roots of Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO) go back to the initial development of the Wirewalker™, a wave-powered vertical profiling system developed by the Ocean Physics Group, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California. The DMO founders, passionate about wave-powered technology and the science it enables, began testing Wirewalker prototypes in 1999.



The Wirewalker is a vertically profiling instrumentation-platform, powered by ocean waves. Through the Wirewalker’s rapid profiling and ability to integrate a wide variety of sensor payloads, it brings new life to typical one-dimensional sensor time-series as a 2-D depth-time image where an enormous increase in information and intuition is achieved.

  • Rapid Vertical Profiling
  • Powered by Ocean Waves
  • Customised Sensor Payloads

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