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Create and customise the next generation of ocean exploration robots using robust and affordable components from Blue Robotics.

Fewer barriers to entry are spurring explorers, researchers, and disrupters to further our knowledge of the oceans.


The BlueROV2 is the world’s most affordable high-performance ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). With a 6-thruster vectored configuration, open-source electronics and software, and plenty of expandability, it’s the perfect ROV for inspections, research, and adventuring.

Customise and enhance your ROV with Blue Robotics’ range of components, including:

  • Thrusters, Actuators, Lights
  • Sensors, Sonars, Cameras
  • Power Supplies, Controllers
  • Cables, Penetrators, Connectors
  • Enclosures, Buoyancy, Ballast

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Used on the BlueROV2 as well as many other underwater robots, Blue Robotics thrusters are patented and rigorously tested.

The T200 Thruster is the world’s most popular thruster option for ROVs, AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), surface vessels, and more! Its patented flooded motor design makes it powerful, efficient, compact, and affordable.

For even more powerful propulsion, Blue Robotics has developed the T500 Thruster. It offers more possibilities with 3x the thrust as the T200. With a 24V / 43.5A power rating, high efficiency, and the same patented design, it is an ideal choice for high-power ROVs, surface vessels, AUVs, and even human-carrying applications like kayaks.

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Sonars are commonly used on ROVs, AUVs, and aboard USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles) for a number of applications including survey and inspection, obstacle avoidance, and other underwater distance measurement applications.

Blue Robotics offers two sonar options – the Ping Echosounder and Altimeter and the Ping360 Scanning ROV sonar.

The Ping Sonar is a single-beam echosounder measuring distances up to 50 meters with a 30-degree beam width and up to 300-meter depths. Using a 115 kHz transducer frequency, the Ping avoids interference with most boat echosounders. Its advanced bottom-tracking algorithm runs on the device to determine the distance to the seafloor/ altitude.

The Ping360 scanning sonar is a mechanical scanning imaging sonar. It’s designed primarily to be used on the BlueROV2 and other ROVs for navigation in low-visibility water conditions, but it’s also suited for applications such as inspection, obstacle avoidance, target location, and tracking. It operates at a 750 kHz frequency and provides a top-down view of the ROV’s surroundings by scanning one-degree increments at a time and rotating for a full view.

Both sonar options benefit from open-source Ping-Viewer software and extensive coding libraries created for different applications, giving you unprecedented flexibility.


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About The Company

Blue Robotics’ story started in 2014 when they decided that we wanted to try to send a solar-powered robotic boat from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

While researching components for the project, they came to the realisation that thrusters available on the market were a limiting factor. They needed something that could resist saltwater, operate continuously, and be efficient for months on end. Scouring the internet for options, they found hobbyists, students, researchers, and marine robotics companies that were in need of an affordable thruster.

They set out to design a thruster unlike anything available. After coming up with the T100 Thruster, Blue Robotics famously launched it in a 2014 Kickstarter campaign. Since then, Blue Robotics has developed hundreds of low-cost enabling components to open the door for others looking to explore, innovate, and create.

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