One year since their seminal Advances in Ocean Wave Measurement Conference, RS Aqua have been invited to deliver the keynote talk at High Impact Waves and Extreme Events – A meeting of the Challenger Society Special Interest Group on Ocean Wind Waves, 19 & 20 October 2016.

Keynote Presentation

This important event, organised by the NOC Southampton and HR Wallingford, is the second meeting of this special interest group and aims to bring together scientists, engineers and modellers that are interested in observing, modelling and forecasting wind waves. The event will be held at HR Wallingford’s excellent conference facilities in Oxfordshire. RS Aqua’s Technical Director Terry Edwards will deliver the keynote presentation, which will include a talk on wave measurement technologies and applications for different end-user groups.

Wave Measurement

RS Aqua have a wealth of experience with wave measurement technology, with our own WaveRadar REX sensor leading the market for offshore structural monitoring applications. RS Aqua are also partners with Datawell BV who produce the widely used Directional Waverider Buoy, with RBR who produce compact pressure loggers and Rowe Technologies who manufacture ADCPs with vertical beams designed for wave measurement. This gives our Technical Specialists the ability to provide the most suitable wave measurement solution for a wide range of applications.

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