The goal of this event was to strengthen the UK & Ireland Telemetry Community (UTIC) – share information about ongoing projects, prospects for the future and most importantly, discover opportunities for collaboration and support.  

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As suppliers of innovative fish-tracking equipment, we have witnessed the growth of the UK & Ireland telemetry community and we saw an opportunity to connect a few missing links and make fish tracking in these regions a more collaborative effort. As a result, the conference introduced the UK & Ireland Telemetry Community (UTIC), a community with the resources, technology and network to tackle the current challenges faced by the people who supply us with vital information about what goes on in our waters. 


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Between interactive workshops showcasing NexTrak & Fathom – the world’s most advanced acoustic telemetry system for aquatic animal tracking, talks about discovering how acoustic telemetry informs fisheries management across the English Channel, and much more, one thing stood out – the sheer number of ongoing telemetry projects happening in isolation.   

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The conference allowed fish-tracking & telemetry users, researchers and scientists to share their successes, failures, and plans for further discovery with hopes that this sets the stage for the free flow of information and effortless collaboration within the community. 


With extensive support from our partner, Innovasea, we intend to promote and aid continuous collaboration between researchers in the UK & Ireland Telemetry Community.  

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Our commitment is backed by:  

  • Providing access to new, innovative technologies that enhance data collection and unique detections 
  • Aid with project designs and set-up – from selecting tags to range testing and receiver array planning  
  • Providing training and post-purchase technical support for the lifetime of the product 

Together, our primary focus is to ensure that researchers and scientists in telemetry can count on the support of a wider community and feel well-equipped to discover everything there is to know about fish activity in the UK & Ireland. 

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The UK & Ireland telemetry community is brimming with projects – big and small, over decades or months that could all benefit from the same thing – A connected telemetry industry with the right tech and support to back it up. 

Innovasea products on display at the conference

“When the UK & Ireland telemetry communities get together and are given support and access to the right technology, we are bound to learn new and exciting things about fish behaviour in a way that we haven’t experienced before.  

That was our motivation for the conference, and it turned out to be a huge step towards a more empowered, connected telemetry community that we are proud to be a part of!” Martin Stemp, Managing Director, RS Aqua   

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