Here at RS Aqua, we are proud to announce our newest product, the Porpoise OB1 (On-Board, 1 channel recorder). Porpoise OB1 is the latest addition to our range of underwater acoustic recorder options, made specifically for integration on permanent autonomous platforms, fixed moorings and on-land railings for real-time results.  

How did OB1 come about?

Whilst assisting with the incorporation of our acoustic recorders into the GB Row Challenge boats and Mayflower Autonomous Ship, our Technical Director, Terry Edwards and his team realised there could be many more applications for an integrated acoustic monitoring system. The partnership between Seaber and RS Aqua for the YUCO-PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) Micro-AUV supported this thinking, and from there work began on Porpoise OB1.

Our Technical Director, Terry, integrating the Porpoise system to a GB Row Challenge boat (left), RS Aqua's Ocean Scientist, Nathan, with Seaber team holding the YUCO-PAM (right)

What is the Porpoise?

Porpoise is designed for collecting broad-spectrum underwater noise data through most commonly used high-performing hydrophones, including the GeoSpectrum Technologies range, and is particularly suited to a real-time marine mammal and noise pollution monitoring.

Real-time configuration, analysis and visualisation software (TRAC) is supplied with every Porpoise. TRAC allows users to easily setup their instrument parameters including enabled channels, sampling rates, channel gain and recording schedules. The new OB1 extends the compatibility of Porpoise with more ports for expanded power and connectivity options. With highly configurable sampling rates, intelligent on/off scheduling and configurable hydrophone settings, Porpoise is the smartest subsea acoustic recorder available.

What’s new about the Underwater Acoustic Recorder (OB1)?

Porpoise OB1 has been developed with ease of integration in mind, no matter the platform. Both a board-stack, and a weatherproof box option are available. With our original Porpoise, the hardware is housed in a waterproof, pressurised case readily available to deploy into the water, however this lacks the expanded connectivity and power options now available with OB1. 

Our Porpoise OB1 has all essential equipment ready to be integrated into your platform of choice, providing flexibility to your research and development.

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