Innovasea, a global leader in technologically advanced aquatic solutions for aquaculture and fish tracking, recently unveiled Realfish Pro, an advanced, cloud-based aquaculture platform that enables fish farmers to monitor, manage and control operations from anywhere 24/7.

Combining real-time data from environmental sensors with powerful analytics, Realfish Pro provides vital information around the clock, even at remote farm sites. It allows farm operators to monitor and control water conditions and make informed decisions to protect fish stocks or optimise operations at a moment’s notice – all through an easy-to-read dashboard on a computer or mobile device.

RealFish Pro apps

“Realfish Pro is a giant step forward for fish farmers looking to increase their production and profitability,” said Tim Stone, Innovasea’s Vice President of Product Development. “Rather than rely on educated guesses or gut instinct, farm managers can now make data-driven decisions using accurate, up-to-the-minute information that’s always available, no matter where they are.”

Realfish Pro features the following modules:

  • aquaEnvironment – Using wireless aquaMeasure sensors, aquaEnvironment helps farmers monitor water conditions to safeguard fish stocks from threats like temperature fluctuations, low oxygen events and harmful algal blooms.
  • aquaControl – Enables farmers to instantly aerate or oxygenate water in their fish pens to counteract poor conditions, enhance fish health or optimize feeding and growth rates. It also lets farmers automate their aeration and oxygenation regimens, dramatically reducing energy and fuel costs and cutting emissions so they can operate more sustainably.
  • aquaBloom – Streamlines and enhances plankton monitoring efforts so farm operators can predict when concentrations will be too high and take steps to protect their fish.

Realfish Pro also provides automated reporting of farm site conditions to satisfy government regulations, such as those in Norway and Chile, or meet industry certifications such as the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s.

“Regulators and government agencies are becoming increasingly focused on monitoring environmental conditions in and around fish farms,” said Stone. “Realfish Pro makes it easy to comply with their reporting requirements and deliver the data they’re looking for fast and effortlessly.”

About Innovasea:

Fueled by leading-edge technology and a passion for research and development, Innovasea is revolutionising aquaculture and advancing the science of fish tracking to make our oceans and freshwater ecosystems sustainable for future generations. With more than 275 employees worldwide, we provide full end-to-end solutions for fish farming and aquatic species research – including quality equipment that’s efficient and built to last, expert consulting services, and innovative platforms and products that deliver unrivaled data, information, and insights.

Image credit: Innovasea

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