Naval warfare requires highly-trained personnel and extreme coordination. To enable navies to focus their efforts on planning, while also facilitating logistics and reducing costs, SEABER is collaborating with anti-submarine warfare (ASW) experts to develop RECALL®.

RECALL® is the newest member of the micro-AUV family and is designed as a training target capable of realistically reproducing submarine noise and motion, integrating different training modes such as passive, active, and combined acoustics. RECALL® is also compatible with modern sonar and torpedo systems.

AUV with Confidence


Incorporating the stand-out features of the YUCO AUV range, RECALL® operates at 12 knots and reaches up to 300 m depth. Fully recoverable, the AUV measures only 90 cm in length and weighs 10 kg in air. In addition, the SEACOMM (UHF) command unit linked to the AUV allows for remote deployment and recovery. Altogether making the RECALL a very versatile and easily-transportable ASW training unit suitable for deployment offshore or by air.

In true SEABER style, particular attention has been paid to the robustness of the entire system and ease of use by non-experts in robotics. Boasting an intuitive user interface design makes it easy to program the most complex missions in harsh environments.

The development of RECALL® is supported by the French Ministry of Defence (Agence Innovation Défense), the RECALL® micro-AUV will be available in the coming months.

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